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  the easiest and straightforward technique to identify a goldfishs gender is by looking at the gill plates. Its almost impossible to tell the sex of a goldfish before the fish is of breeding age. Usually, goldfish reach breeding age when they are about 12 months old. The easiest time to tell the gender of an individual fish is during the breeding season, also known as spawning season. Real goldfish fans usually want to get offspring from them, and here the definition of sex is of particular importance. During the spawning period, males of goldfish are easier to identify than females. Males develop tubercles or white bumps along pectoral fins and gill covers. Sexing goldfish is very difficult before they reach maturity. Sometimes people can tell by looking at the shape of the vent. Females may have rounder convex vents while males have thinner concave vents. The pectoral fins of males may be rather thick and stiff (compared to those of female goldfish) and with a more pronounced outer ray.   following are some methods that can be used to recognize the sexes but even these are useless unless the fish are at least a year old, i. Midline ridge male goldfish have a ridge running through the back of pelvic fins to their vent opening on the underside.   if you have a goldfish, examine your fish for small clusters of bumps on the forehead, gills, and fins, as these are signs it is male. During mating season, some male fish will grow bristles, bumps, or shiny scales in an attempt to attract females.   telling a goldfishs sex is easier when a goldfish is mature and interested in spawning.

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